Sugar Free Cinnamon Stars (Zimtsterne)

Zimtsterne (Cinnamon Stars), are a favourite gluten and dairy free treat at this time of the year in Germany. Unfortunately, whilst they are delicious they are very high in sugar.

As part of the work I do at the Alliance for Natural Health we decided to do an experiment recently to see how the addition of cinnamon to cinnamon stars affects the rise in blood sugar from the sugar in these cookies. Although there were only 5 people included in the experiment, we found that the addition of cinnamon to the cookies did indeed help to control the resulting rise in blood sugar and bring down blood sugar more quickly.

Having completely overdosed on sugar as a result of this experiment I was keen to see if I could create a sugar free alternative to what are otherwise, delicious gluten & dairy free cookies and this is the result (with plenty of cinnamon of course!). These are very simple to make and would be a good one to do with the kids.

Please note these are made with nuts, so are not suitable if anyone in the family has a nut allergy.



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