Consultation Packages

If you are struggling to cope with the levels of stress in your life, leaving you feeling groggy, tired all the time, experiencing digestive issues or a myriad of seemingly unrelated symptoms that the Dr just can’t find a reason for, then let me help you.

I am passionate about how changes to your diet and lifestyle can help you to deal with the stresses and strains of life, support you on a day to day basis and allow you to take control of your health and wellbeing

All of my recommendations will be specific to you, your lifestyle, your budget and your food likes and dislikes. There isn’t much point being told how wonderful a particular food is for you if you absolutely hate it or recommending so called ‘super-foods’ that cost a fortune if you are on a tight budget. We will work together to find out what works for you. Just because something works for one person it doesn’t mean it will work for another.

Our first consultation will take approximately 1.5 hours during which we will explore any issues you have, symptoms you are experiencing, previous medical history and general lifestyle so I can make appropriate recommendations for your individual circumstances.  All packages include a tailored plan designed to meet to your individual needs and requirements. Recommendations may also include testing and supplements, which are a separate cost. Contact me to arrange a discovery call to find out more.

PLEASE NOTE: As a Nutritional Therapist I do not diagnose or treat medical conditions, therefore if you suspect you may have a medical condition please consult your GP before contacting me.  In addition, if you are currently under the care of your GP or another Healthcare Professional please inform them of your intention to contact a Nutritional Therapist with a view to changing your diet and exercise regime.