Welcome to The Health Gardener, my name is Melissa Smith, I’m a Registered Nutritional Therapist.

I always like to know a little about someone I am considering consulting before I make contact so here is a bit about me.  However, bear in mind this is not about me, but how I can help YOU start your journey to improved health.

How passionate about food and it’s impact on our health can one person be?  VERY as it turns out.  I love using fresh ingredients, often from my garden, to create delicious food simply and quickly that benefits health. This is a passion that I would like to share with you to help you feel the best you can. From supermarket visits to help you restock your cupboards to workshops and one-to-one consultations, I can help you with all aspects of nutrition. I see clients at my clinic in Alton, or over Skype.

As a child a lot of ‘normal’ food made me feel sick. I was constantly tired, found it difficult to focus and just generally didn’t feel quite right.  Interestingly the foods that me feel yuk as a child are exactly the foods I avoid now.  Through much research I was able to realise the effects of nutrition to both harm and heal. I changed my diet, becoming both gluten and dairy free well before it became a ‘thing’! Not having someone to guide me on my journey it was certainly a voyage of discovery full of ups and downs. I decided to retrain as a nutritional therapist so I could give others the support I lacked and share my knowledge and passion of the power of natural health to improve health.

I work with a wide-range of people looking for someone who will listen to their story to help them uncover the root causes of their health issues and support them on their journey to improved health.

I am a member of The British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) and registered with The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).