Nutrition, the NHS and gut health

I’m very pleased to welcome Jada-Virginia back after a busy exam season. She’s been talking to NHS consultant gastroenterologist Dr Patel. It’s great to hear of the recognition of the importance of diet in preventative health. There are still gaps between the work of those who practise functional medicine and current nutrition dogma, however that gap is closing. I hope that it won’t be long before patients are empowered to use diet and lifestyle changes to improve their health and wellbeing and lighten the ever increasing load on the NHS. Now over to Jada-Virginia and Dr Patel…

Lifestyle is an important management of every chronic condition and should be the starting point” 

Greetings readers, it’s Jada-Virginia, checking back in, now that I’ve finished with Sixth Form and exams. I’m so excited to present my first interview for the HealthGardener with Dr Patel, consultant gastroenterologist at St George’s Hospital. This was a very enlightening experience for me and I hope you enjoy it.

In this free 30-minute podcast, you will find answers to some fundamental questions about the link between fibre and gastrointestinal health, gastrointestinal disease prevention in the NHS, dietary control of gallstones, coeliac disease (THG comment – coeliac disease has to be managed through dietary measures), acid reflux (THG comment – can also be helped through dietary changes) and- the most fascinating- Dr Patel’s area of research, Crohn’s disease (THG comment – in the world of functional medicine we’ve found dietary interventions to be particularly helpful in helping patients manage such auto-immune conditions). You will also discover the economic strain which our poor dietary choices place on the NHS.

Listen up and take notes from our podcast to discover how you can improve your gut health and make the lives of our life-savers such as Dr Patel just that little bit less hectic.



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