Seriously decadent chocolate fudge cake

I used to bake this particular recipe a lot when I was younger as a special treat. In its original form it’s decadent, rich chocolate and full of sugar! I remembered the recipe recently and decided to give it a makeover to make it gluten and dairy free and much lower in sugar. The result […]

Thumbprint Cookies

Warning – These cookies are addictive! One is just not enough as we found out when I made them for the first time. My first attempt went a bit awry as I used the wrong quantity of flour resulting in flat cookies that were more like biscuits, but boy did they taste amazing! Undeterred I made […]

Bhaji Bites

Let’s face it life gets busy, particularly when you have a family. Getting veggies into them can also be a challenge so finding ways of ‘disguising’ them can help enormously. That’s where my Bhaji Bites come in. I’ve taken classic onion bhajis and simplified them so they are quick and easy to make and taste […]

Immune supporting Lamb Jalfrezi

There is plenty you can do to support your immune system so you become more resilient, reduce your risk of becoming ill and support your immune system to do work effectively if you should become ill. Food is a great starting point. This lamb jalfrezi is not only super simple and tastes delicious it’s packed […]

Flax crackers

I love crisps, but they’re not the greatest of things to eat! That’s not to say I don’t indulge occasionally, but for the rest of time I wanted something with that lovely crunchiness that are also healthy. A friend recommended I try flax crackers. Well I’m hooked (as is hubby – so you know they […]

Easing out of winter: Nourishing Ratatouille

Jada-Virginia Surpin brings one of her favourite recipes to help us transition from warming winter stews to a colourful, flavourful ratatouille bringing a touch mediterranean sunshine to pre-Spring days. As we move into February, the promise of Spring beckons, approaching nearer every day. In the meantime, we still need to keep warm and make it […]

The Energising Power Breakfast

by Jada-Virginia Surpin As a university student, I am aware that many of my peers struggle to make time for a good measure of food and sleep- two essential factors in our health which I rarely compromise. Growing up with a Nutritional Therapist mum and a wise Dad insistent that I not let school impact […]

Broccoli ‘&’ Soup

When you’re short for time but need a warming, comforting simple meal soup does it every time! Taking inspiration from a Jasmine Hemsley recipe this broccoli based soup hits the spot every time. All you need is broccoli &….. whatever other veg you fancy or have in the fridge. I started with broccoli and asparagus […]

You can have your (chocolate) cake & eat it!

This is one of my favourite sweet treat recipes. It’s moist, light (crumbly) & totally delicious. The best bit is that if you don’t tell anyone that there is no flour or butter in the brownies they don’t know and they will certainly never guess it’s made with beans!! So not only is it dairy […]


Who doesn’t love a good shortbread? It’s one of those things that I’d given up on being both gluten- and dairy-free. So, I set about experimenting until I found a recipe that works and tastes delicious. These two recipes are the result. One is gluten-free made with butter (for those who can tolerate butter), the […]