Sometime it’s useful to have a place to go to look for information on places you can refer for information, so I’ve created this page to do just that and will be adding to it as I find new resources I think will be helpful. I don’t endorse or recommend anyone in particular, but am including them here as I believe they are good resources within their particular area.

Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic therapies are carefully managed low carbohydrate, moderate protein, liberal fat diets that result in ketosis and lowered glucose levels. The benefits of these metabolic effects have been reported for centuries.

Cancer Support

The Astro Fund (Brain Cancer)

Natural Health Advocates and information source

The Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH) – they have an extensive archive so always use their Search function to find what you are looking for

Nutritional Therapy Practitioners in the UK

British Association Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT)  – Registered Nutritional Therapists.  Its primary function is to assist its members in attaining the highest standards of integrity, knowledge, competence and professional practice, in order to protect the client’s interests, nutritional therapy and the Registered Nutritional Therapist.
Nutritionist Resource – Find a Nutritionist near you. Nutritionist Resource only lists nutritionists who are members of a recognised professional body or those who have sent us copies of their qualifications and insurance cover.