Welcome to The Health Gardener

Welcome to The Health Gardener

My name is Melissa Smith. I'm a Registered Nutritional Therapist helping YOU 'take control' of your health and wellbeing to regain your balance, strength and vitality.

In today's modern era we expect to be strong all the time, but events in life can overtake us, resulting in problems such as digestive issues, poor skin health, hormonal imbalances and weight gain and leaving us feeling out of control.

Well, you don't have to accept these issues as normal. You can 'take control' of your health, body and life. You can have the energy you need, be in control of your health and feel the best you can.

Contact me on 07943 763818 for a free 20 minute chat,  to find out how I can help you make the changes you need to your diet and lifestyle so you are once again In Control and Back on Top!


Great news, Sammy has been put through to the JRPCs (Southern Counties Regional Hockey) again this year. A few months ago she was so unwell I would not have thought it was possible.Thank you so much for your help, support and adviceCatherineA very relieved and happy Mum!
"Due to a change of job I met Melissa, this was a life changing experience. I had dangerously high blood sugar levels.  Melissa offered to help me with my diet to bring my sugar levels down. Under her direction we were able to bring down my blood sugars to a safe level.If it wasn’t for her dedication, caring nature and the commitment to my health, I don’t know where I would be! My Doctor requested me to relay her personal thanks to Melissa and if she lived in the area she would like her to help with their clinics.It remains ...
"Melissa is very passionate about what she does and really cares, which made the whole experience of seeing a Nutritionist so comfortable.At the time of meeting Melissa I felt very worn out, knew I was suffering due to something I was eating due to the symptoms and really needed help and support to unpick it all and find a better way. Melissa really listened to what I had to say and took on board my circumstances when helping to find a solution"
"Melissa helped me to take charge of my healing journey after I hit a major plateau. Since I began working with her there have been real improvements in my energy levels and overall health - it is wonderful to be making progress again! She proactively researched affordable testing options for me, which was so appreciated, and her knowledge of current health and nutrition information is impressive. She fully explains why she has chosen a particular choice of dietary changes for me, and the support she provides by email is excellent (lots of new recipes to try!). Melissa is also great ...
"I have been going to Melissa for nutritional therapy since June 2015.  I have found her guidance clear and supportive with a very empathic and professional approach.  This has enabled me to reach a place of confidence and wellbeing and I am most grateful for that.  The mouth watering culinary experiences were an added bonus!  I would recommend Melissa to everyone who is searching for an answer that seems elusive.  I certainly found mine with her help. Thank you Melissa for all your support."