Thumbprint Cookies

Warning – These cookies are addictive! One is just not enough as we found out when I made them for the first time. My first attempt went a bit awry as I used the wrong quantity of flour resulting in flat cookies that were more like biscuits, but boy did they taste amazing! Undeterred I made a second batch with the correct amount of flour and they turned out beautifully, but just as addictive. I’m surprised we’ve managed to restrain ourselves so that there are still some left for lunches this week.

As always, this is a lovely simple gluten and dairy free recipe. Great for the kids to try out and use their favourite jam. I’ve kept the sugar low and added almond flour to up the protein and fat content. They’re still quite sweet though so indulge responsibly, but enjoy!

I’ve used either buckwheat or sorghum flour, but you can use whatever gluten free flour you have in the cupboard as a substitute. If you’re not gluten free then use plain flour. You do still need to use the almond flour or ground almonds though.

Click on the image to download a PDF of the recipe