Welcome to The Health Gardener, my name is Melissa Smith, I’m a Registered Nutritional Therapist. I suppose it may seem to be a rather strange name for a
nutritional therapy business.  In the same way a gardener weeds an overgrown garden to let the flowers to thrive, getting to the root of your health issues and weeding out the bad stuff is key to creating health.

My Story

I always like to know a little about someone I am considering consulting before I make contact so here is a bit about me.  However, bear in mind this is not about me, but how I can help YOU start your journey to improved health.

How passionate about food and it’s impact on our health can one person be?  VERY as it turns out.  As I continue my journey in Nutritional Therapy I become more and more enthusiastic about nutritional therapy and how it can support good health.  This is a passion that I would like to share with you to help you feel the best you can.

As a child a lot of ‘normal’ food made me feel sick. I was constantly tired, found it difficult to focus and just generally didn’t feel quite right.  Interestingly the foods that me feel yuk as a child are exactly the foods I avoid now.  Over the years I changed my diet to one that made me feel better on numerous occasions. Each time I got ‘better’ I slipped back to my old way of eating. Following a so called ‘healthy’ diet until I felt worse and worse.  The last straw was when I forgot it was my husband’s birthday (not good!). That’s when I knew I had take action. Studying with the renowned Institute of Optimum Nutrition, gave me the tools both to help me feel well and now you.

As I continue my journey I now know which foods I can tolerate and which I can’t, how to adjust my lifestyle to support good health and at least I can now remember my husband’s birthday!