Taking care of your body Inside & Out

It’s not news that things today are pretty stressful. We often forget that you need to take car of our body on the inside and outside. How in touch with your body are you? This workshop will look at what stress is, how it can affect you, indicators that your body is suffering and how […]

Ssssh – How to deal with constipation

5 tips to ease constipation When was the last time you had a conversation about how often you poo?  It’s not a subject that tends to crop up too often, unless you have a real problem and even then it’s a whispered conversation with our closest friends.  Let’s face it we have to go to […]

Dehydration and its effects

We are 75% water.  Even a small drop of 1-2% in hydration levels can lead to changes in how we function.  A common situation many of us experience is long term chronic dehydration.  This is where a person’s hydration level is consistently a small amount below the ideal.  This can lead to a blunting of […]