What to expect when you visit a Nutritional Therapist

When you consult a Registered Nutritional Therapist expect someone who will give you the time you need, who will listen to you and hear your story.  Time spent with a Registered Nutritional Therapist is just for you. We are here to help you, find out what your health concerns are and recommend a plan personalised […]

Taking care of your body Inside & Out

It’s not news that things today are pretty stressful. We often forget that you need to take car of our body on the inside and outside. How in touch with your body are you? This workshop will look at what stress is, how it can affect you, indicators that your body is suffering and how […]

Why Nutritional Therapy?

Why should you consult with a Nutritional Therapist?         Chances are you own and drive a car.  Do you know how the engine works?  Most people probably have a basic idea of the mechanics involved, know how to top up the water, fuel and oil when needed, but what happens if you run […]