Support Services

In addition to the main consultation packages I also offer the following additional services to support you on your journey to improved health.

Personal Cookery Lessons

So you know what you can eat and what to avoid. You know where to find the different foods in the supermarket and other shops. Fantastic, but hang on how on earth do you use ‘quinoa’?! Can I make cakes that taste as good as a ‘normal’ cake when I am coeliac or allergic to eggs? These and many more questions can be addressed through personal cookery lessons in your own kitchen so you can become comfortable using the different ingredients you may need.

Maybe you would like to learn to cook from scratch the easy way or cook more nutritious meals for your family without spending all evening in the kitchen. A personal cookery lesson may be just the thing you are looking for.

Bespoke courses can be arranged on request.

If you are looking for a cookery course to meet DoE requirements give me a call – I offer a 12 week course over 6 weeks for DoE participants – price on application

Personal Shopper

Well, it’s all well and good being given a fantastic diet plan to guide you containing lots of fabulous and scary sounding foods and ingredients, but what should you look for when you actually come to do your grocery shopping? The range of foods available to us is bewildering and it takes time to find out what you can and can’t use and what do you look for on the labels of food if you have an allergy for instance.  As your Personal Diet Shopper I will come shopping with you and show you what to look for and what things you may need to take into consideration in relation to your particular dietary requirements.

Please call me on 07943 763818 to discuss your requirements in more detail.