No/low sugar snacks

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You want something to eat. You don’t want a meal, but do need a sustaining snack. You’re trying to avoid/reduce sugar – what can you have?  Certainly an interesting challenge.  Here are few ideas of no/low sugar snacks that you can either prepare in advance or make quickly & easily when you need a boost. There are quite a few gluten & dairy free ideas here as well and most can be used as healthy after school snacks for hungry kids:

Parma Ham & Apple Wraps — wrap quarters of apple in slices of parma ham (you could also spread with some cream cheese)

Savoury Fritters — mix cooked egg noodles, eggs, cooked bacon or ham and spring onions.  Fry in small batches until brown on both sides

Cheese straws with guacamole (puff pastry sheet, pain with egg wash, sprinkle with cheese of choice and some paprika (optional), cut into strips, twist and bake for 15-20 mins until golden.  Serve with guacamole (mashed avocado, lime juice, chopped tomato, garlic, salt & pepper)

Cheese and Corn muffins  You could also add some grated sweet potato, carrot or courgette

Mini meatballs made from your choice of mince mixed with an egg (400g to 1 egg – the egg is optional and can be left out, but the burgers will be more crumbly) and flavourings of your choice

Paradise Bars totally delicious low sugar coconut treats (store them in the freezer so you can easily ration them!

Boiled eggs with spinach or rocket or tomatoes (boil half a dozen eggs and keep in the fridge for when needed during the week)

Piece of fruit (i.e. apple, pear, kiwi, banana) with a small handful of nuts or spread with your favourite nut butter

Oatcakes topped with hummus or nut butter

Hummus with crudites

Apple or pear sarnies—two thick slices apple or pear with core removed, spread with nut butter, sandwich together, eat, enjoy!

Small pot plain bio yogurt with a teaspoon honey and spoonful ground flax seeds

6 olives and a matchbox sized piece of cheese

Half an avocado with vinaigrette of choice or lemon & olive oil with a grind of black pepper

Celery sticks filled with cream cheese or hummus topped with raisins or goji berries



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