Basic Tomato Sauce

I use this tomato sauce for a wide variety of things such as a base for mince dishes or a sauce for meatballs or mini burgers or pasta. It’s quick and simple to make and easy to add extra veggies to. If you want really disguise veggies you can blitz once ready to incorporate everything. I often add finely sliced leeks, grated courgette and carrots as the lovely Mr Smith is not the biggest veggie eater going, but he will eat them if they’re in a sauce or stew.

Once you get the hang of this sauce you make it in about 10 mins so it’s bubbling away while you get everything else for your meal ready. Simples! P.S. it’s a good one to get older kids making, particularly if they’re about to go off to College as it can the base for so many things or used just as a sauce for pasta for instance topped with some hard cheese – quick, simple and cheap.

Storecupboard tomato sauce



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