Veg Curry with Eggs

I love a good Farmer’s Market, particularly for the veg you get. It’s often cheaper, you get more for your money, it’s super fresh and you get varieties that aren’t available in the supermarket. This week I got Purple kale (anything purple fruit & veg wise is excellent), heritage carrots i.e. not just orange!, Purple sprouting broccoli (a big bunch not in a plastic tray) and Flower Sprouts (also known as Kalettes).


With veg this fresh I just had to make a veggie dish for dinner. This time I opted for a veggie curry with eggs. I have used a ready made sauce for a base (one with lentils) to make this quicker and easier to make, but added extra spices to boost the flavour. Make sure you buy a sauce with the least amount of ingredients though to keep it as healthy as you can. The eggs are optional, but we like them. The best thing about this curry though is you can put any veg that you like, is in season or you happen to have in the fridge into it (it’s also cheap to make if you’re on a budget).

Egg & Veg Curry


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