Homemade Baked Beans

I used to love Baked Beans on toast with cheese on top, particularly as a quick, easy meal, but now I prefer to make my own healthier version.

Fry some onions, mushrooms & peppers, add garlic and herbs (I like basil, organo & thyme – you can also add some chilli powder or paprika or curry powder to pimp them up a bit!). ┬áChuck in a couple of tins of chopped tomatoes and tinned beans of choice, simmer for 5-10 mins and you’re done.

Serve over a baked sweet potato or sweet potato chips (that you had in the freezer from the last time the oven was on) or with rice (from the freezer) or even pasta (from the freezer). ┬áThis is also lovely on toast (use 48 hour fermented sourdough or your choice of gluten free bread) with grated cheese on top (or vegan alternative if you’re vegan or dairy intolerant). Even more delicious than tinned baked beans, with plenty of lovely veg and if you make extra you can freeze for an even quicker meal on another day – Simples!!

Baked Beans


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