The GI File

By Jada-Virginia Surpin Following my interview with Dr Patel, Consultant Gastroenterologist at St George’s Hospital, I have lined up a blog series about the causes and prevention of common gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary illnesses. Part 1: Causes and prevention of acid reflux I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “prevention is always better than the cure” which […]

Nutrition, the NHS and gut health

I’m very pleased to welcome Jada-Virginia back after a busy exam season. She’s been talking to NHS consultant gastroenterologist Dr Patel. It’s great to hear of the recognition of the importance of diet in preventative health. There are still gaps between the work of those who practise functional medicine and current nutrition dogma, however that […]

Broccoli ‘&’ Soup

When you’re short for time but need a warming, comforting simple meal soup does it every time! Taking inspiration from a Jasmine Hemsley recipe this broccoli based soup hits the spot every time. All you need is broccoli &….. whatever other veg you fancy or have in the fridge. I started with broccoli and asparagus […]

You can have your (chocolate) cake & eat it!

This is one of my favourite sweet treat recipes. It’s moist, light (crumbly) & totally delicious. The best bit is that if you don’t tell anyone that there is no flour or butter in the brownies they don’t know and they will certainly never guess it’s made with beans!! So not only is it dairy […]


Who doesn’t love a good shortbread? It’s one of those things that I’d given up on being both gluten- and dairy-free. So, I set about experimenting until I found a recipe that works and tastes delicious. These two recipes are the result. One is gluten-free made with butter (for those who can tolerate butter), the […]

Can a low-calorie diet be used to treat Type 2 diabetes?

Once again I’m turning The Health Gardener blog over to the lovely Jada-Virginia Surpin. She’s passionate about using nutrition to improve health. This week she’s been inspired to put pen to paper by news that the NHS will be offering very low calorie diets to tackle type 2 diabetes. But will this be the panacea […]

Navigating the isles, ingredients to avoid

by Jada-Virginia Surpin Choosing the right food in supermarkets is a tricky task these days, especially on a budget. However, knowing which foods to avoid will often help you make the distinction between healthy food with good quality ingredients and unhealthy food with poor quality ingredients. It is only natural that certain companies compromise the […]

I know I shouldn’t, but it just tastes so good!

I’m very pleased to be able to turn my blog over to a great young lady who is passionate about the benefits of nutrition and lifestyle changes on our health. Totally on my page so to speak! I hope you enjoy her thoughts and will join me in supporting her. So without further ado – […]

Good food from real people!

Key to all I do and the recommendations I make is the use of foods as close to their natural form and as unprocessed as possible. These days many of us visit the supermarket to do our shopping, but unless you stick to the margins where the ‘fresh’ produce lives it’s too easy to get […]

Who needs mince pies!

If you’re dairy and gluten free, Christmas can look awfully gloomy. Everyone else is scoffing delicious goodies and you have to sit and watch. Or at least you used to. There are so many good options and alternatives out there now that you don’t need to be left out any more. Just look round most […]